18 / Female / Holosexual / In a Relationship
My room – DK
Just someone who enjoys the small things in life. Like music, art, being creative and making things. Nothing too special, just the things where I can express myself -w-)

Besides the creative parts, like music and writing, I enjoy gaming. I spend a lot of my time on watching people play games, or playing them myself.

I also tend to do a lot of RP, especially with My wonderful and beautiful girlfriend. I think we have been writing on the same rp for around 8 months now. heh -w-) If it was a book, I'm sure it would be a best seller xD NYEHE

I also do a lot of shipping, and I take my fanfic writing way too seriously. Lately I have been a lot into the whole Undertale, if you don't know the game, just play it. You won't regret it. The only reason I waited so long to start playing it myself, was because I knew I would get stuck to it. I was so right ._.

Besides all of these things, I use a lot of time playing instruments, some common like Guitar and piano. I take my music quit seriously, and if you don't find me in front of a computer, you are sure to find me somewhere playing, or listening to music. I tend to use a lot of time practicing, though I have never been to any lessons. All I know about playing the instruments, is the things I have learned online, or by myself.

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eey I'm back, and with purple hair now! huzzah!

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i love papyrus and sans!!!!!!


hello, which LPs do you watch?


HEY <3