20 / Male / Asexual / In Like
Neptune – US
"I'm an Alien from planet Neptune, currently stranded on the planet Earth. I wish I'd never left my home; it's awful here."


Hiya, If you can understand me - CONGRATS - You can officially speak Alien!! I am SO proud!

Like these anime : Haikyuu, Bleach, Yugioh, NGE, ((add more later, i am lazy))..
I keep up with these manga: Tokyo Ghoul Re, Kuros***suji, Shingeki no Kyogjin.

Crazy about Oikawa Tooru.

Vidyagames: WoW, Tera, Blade&Soul, Osu.
I have steam, origin and skype.
((Not very active on anything except WoW atm)).

I dunno what to put in these things, really, bear with me xP .

Oh and, no. I'm not gonna sext you (: .

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Hahah, who needs sleep ... *dies*