19 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
In Hell sitting in Satan's lap – US
What is there to say?

I always think the "tell us about you" Is the most irritating thing, Like i dont know what the f*** i am! I like to have fun. Simply as that lol

First of all, Am a total nightmare disguised as innocent human.
But nobody said i was human ;)
My mind is dark and f***ed up, so if you can't handle that...
Run!... as fast as you can!...

My name is Ryland, But i like to go by Ryland X Widow, For reasons am sure you can guess. I believe in a darker force in life
like things that we have no idea are real, for me that is vampires.
The idea of biting people's necks is the most seductive thing to me and making them powerless under my touch. ;)

Am sweet and kind like a candy your gram gives you for not being a f***ing brat. But.. i can be a total bitch and give one hell of a attitude.

For anyone who has a problem, Don't f*** with me.
I can only be pushed so far, and one scary bitch if am
p***ed off.

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Please, If your gonna say something stupid too me, Have the balls too say something back.. Don't be such a p**** ;3

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You are cute:PP bye