25 / Female / Lesbian / Engaged
Lake Forest – US
Holy hell, alright. Let's do this!

>You can call me Ro.

>I'm a queerbaby (FAAB) from South OC.
I don't identify as male or female- but female or gender neutral pronouns are preferred, my darlings.

>I am engaged and fricking love it.

>My lifetime goal is to take a nail bat to the patriarchy and beat it bloody. I am a proud feminist! If you don't know what that means, please ask me! It's not what a lot of people think.

>I work @ UO as a display artist and love indie and folk music. But once upon a time I was super into pop punk music. I'm a 90s grunge piece of trash nowadays.

>I'm a full-time artist and have had this gnarly draw toward the scene culture. So I thought who better to learn about it than from you all? I'd love to base a comic or cartoon series off what you all are about. That'd be fricking sick.

>Well, if you need a 'grown-up' to talk to.. Shoot me a message. I've been through it all, and would love to help you out. I don't bite.
Okay. I do.


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you are all so fricking cute <3