20 / Female / Bandsexual / Single and Looking
I love bands I met Kellin Quinn many times before. I try to track him down to meet him. I met my family at one of his meetups it was my friend Elizabeth and I who spotted this group of scene kids and just had to approach! We formed a group called what is reality, we want to change the world! Check us out. We are just a group of basically cringey scene kids. I met my soulmate as well who is a part of my group his name is Justin unfortunately he didnt like me more than a friendhe said I was too fat but I had a good personality so i was happy :D I went into a deep depression and cut myself because of it but we're cool now. Anyways a bit about myself MUSIC IS LIFE. I am a lil crazy my instagram is rubiverse_ follow me to see my crazy adevntures!!! :pppp