20 / Female / Techsexual / Single and Not Looking
Death Planet – US
First things first, I am a god, the god. 1 and only. :-/
a whole wrld ov problems. The fountain ov youth, death, sex, nd gore.
Srry if I'm a little standoffish- I was raped a few times, don't ask. my dad moletsted me b4 I knew what it was like 2 b alive in a wrld of death nd evil.
she/ her/it
ghostly. death is a concept we're not ready to explore yet. come along with me and you'll see a world of pure imagination.
I'm not looking to talk to any1, I probably hate u but if u want to talk msg me. it's that simple.
demisexual/ techsexual/ asexual/
drugs are the only things that make me feel like I'm human anymore. not that I want 2 be.
daddy's little girl. goth. pale.
brought in this world by evil, brought out by evil. tried to kill myself last year under a willow tree.
a bitch with a reason.
sleep with your eye open, nobody is safe in this place.