20 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Heyyy :3
I'm Sav, dont be scared... I don't bite......hard ;) Any ways I would love to talk to all of you so you can message me or:: kik me: savy_styles_2124 I'm kinda new here so if any one could help me figure things out that's would be great.

Favorite bands:
- Sleeping with sirens
- Pierce the veil
- Asking Alexandria
- Evanescence
- Slipknot
- sether
- Bring me the horizon
- My chemical romance

Favorite movies:
- Nightmare before Christmas
- All the nightmare on elm street's
- All the Halloween's
- The conjuring

Favorite TV shows:
- The walking dead
- Friends
- bleach
- regular show
- spongebob
- Adventure time

anyyywayys... I'm a really nice person and will listen to everything you have to say! I'm here to help if any one needs it <3 And like I said you can message, Skype, or kik me to get a hold of me!
Kik: savy_styles2124

Skype: Sav_the_pumkin_queen
( yes pumpkin is spelled pumkin)
Oh and one more thing; I don't do nudes I don't send nudes and I don't want nudes! And AND I DONOT DIRTY ROLE PLAY THATS JUST DISCUSTING I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!!! Anyyyways I'm actually gunna go now... bye stalkers you all!!!

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