20 / Female / Asexual / Single
crackheadexpress – US
They stuck me in an institution
Said it was the only solution
To give me the needed professional help
To protect me from the enemy, myself
They say they're gonna fix my brain
Alleviate my suffering and my pain
But by the time they fix my head
Mentally I'll be dead

Hello there...Im Jinx (omg yes its my real name!!) but I have a feeling you will probably call me something else.

things about me:
1) I have facial peircings
2) I have a couple tattoos and i plan to get more
3) not a straight edge but also dont bash on those that are.
4) pshycodelic visionary artist (I guess you can say that)
5) I do like to rant
6) pretty immature

1) country music
2) childish homosapiens
3) when my hair doesnt work out
4) labeling someone based off of looks *^*

I think thats it feel free to meesage me..

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does anyone wanna skype mer? just inbox

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Insomniad0ll asked

Why tf are you so pretty and skinny like fml 😭❤
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um um its called good camera angles and lots and lots of filters and umm becuase the sun scares me so the darkness feeds on my soul

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Thanks for accepting :D