22 / Female / Pansexual / Broken Hearted
London – UK
My mind goes blank when i do these things. i guess i am a kinda screwed up kid trying to find my way. I'm into metal-core atm but like punk/ punk pop/ punk rock/ rock music too. I am suffering from depression and EDNOS, i SH too much and i don't really do the whole 'sleep' thing. I like talking to people (but not irl... that scares me) so come chat. I read a lot and spend too much time on tumblr. I often fall asleep in my garden. my best friend is either my laptop or my dwarf hampster Squidge. yeah, tis moi :)

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know what i hate?! when you are looking for a song but it's also the title of an album and so it comes up with EVERY other song but not the one you typed in!

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