24 / Female / Pansexual
Aptos – US
phlegmatic INFP cat-worshipping druggy superslut hippy with a frightening side for when i get bored

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woke up with rocks inside my heart but breathing in the air here makes it fine

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RebleCountryboy asked

Who has been the most important person in your life?
s*** man that's a difficult one. seeing as i don't have any kind of soulmate thus far I'm probably left to decide from my family members. I'm assuming I can't say myself, because everyone is the most important person in their own lives. dammit, and cats don't count either, huh... Yeah I'm gonna say my little sister I guess? I don't know, she's the person I'd save if everyone I knew was hanging off a cliff, so. There's that.

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Thankies doll face<3


=^_^= im a kitty meow hehe




f*** gurl u so fine lemme git at dat