21 / Female / Bisexual
Houston, TX – US
Well, there is not a lot to say about me, I self study art, took theater arts in middle school and currently learning how to sing and speak Japanese. My preference in music varies but I am more into symphonic metal, visual kei (Versailles, D, etc). Yes! I am an otaku and proud! I love to listen to people talk about their problems because I care. I do have a double personality but I try to suppress it because I don't like her. About my grades my Gpa is mostly a 3.1. I love learning about cultures and reflect on the world that surrounds me, I can come as cold and unemotional when I first get to know someone. I try my best to not criticize no one because I want to appreciate them. I regarded as too kind by many of my friends, they tend to tease me a lot. I really hate humanity yet I am in love with it. My totems are Crow,Raven and Wolf.

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so sleepy 3 essays in week

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ZaAnimeQueen asked

Happy Birthday? Had to put a "?" to make it a question ^-^.
Thanks though I am a month late to respond but thank you!

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Pretty good ;3


Hello (:


ok cx


haha trueee xDDD hey we can talk on chats o3o so we dont have to visit each other over and over again xD


same to u -u-


haha i like them also xD


the one that i have on my page -u- hbu?


so are u -u-


cool :D


some lets say hbu? :3