19 / Female / Pansexual / In a Relationship
Gulfport, MS – US
So, with seven days passed, I decided, to hell with it. I'm keeping the account. Also, I'm keeping the username to avoid future confusion.
I suppose with that being said, I'll try and put a little more effort into this little "about me" ordeal.
Call me Lyds. I'm Wiccan, I love animals, and I'm drowning in anxiety. It's cool though-- I can cope. It's been awhile since I've truly indulged myself in videogames, however, when I do, its usually ranging between many things (Starfox, WoW, Pokemon, Minecraft, etc). Another game I play is D&D, or rather, Dungeons and Dragons. Oooo nerdy, I know. OH BOY.
Uhhh, okay, so I really like anime. Naruto/Shippuden are my favorites.... and music.. heh, well, just message me about it, my dudes. I'm lazy af. PEACE.

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-insert shoulder shrug here- I'll guess I'll stick around c:

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