20 / Female / Polysexual / Single
*I check for fakes:)*

Okay so my name is Faith, I'm not very good at these things but here goes... I'm 16, Polysexual, depressed and have severeeee social anxiety. I'm a messed up kid with a messed up history lol.

-I no longer believe in love.
-Don't assume you know me please. You don't.
-I'm really insecure about my body.
-Music and anime are my life.
-I ramble when I'm nervous.
-If I open up to you, consider yourself lucky...

-I can be weird, funny, random as f***, and honestly I love to laugh (even though I hate mine, all 13 of them >.>)

R.I.P Xander, you'll always be loved.
R.I.P Andrew, rest in paradise lovely.
R.I.P Chris, you were the best guy I've ever known.
R.I.P Elaine, you were an amazing aunt.
R.I.P the 26 angels we lost<3 we'll never forget you.

-I love Elder Scrolls/ Skyrim, BO2, Superman, Batman (basically all superheroes), Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Smallville and Anime>You, Japan>You.

Favorite Bands (not in any order):

-All Time Low*
-Mayday Parade*
-You Me At Six
-Of Mice & Men*
-Pierce the Veil*
-The Downtown Fiction
-Tonight Alive
-For All Those Sleeping
-Chunk! No Captain Chunk!
-I See Stars
-A Skylit Drive
-Late Nite Reading
-Before You Exit
-Lana Del Rey
-Fall Out Boy
-Boys Like Girls
-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus*
-Jimmy Eat World
-Good Charlotte
-All-American Rejects
-Alkaline Trio
-Secret Valentine
-Asking Alexandria (sorta)
-Bring me the Horizon
-Black Veil Brides
-Escape the Fate
-Eyes Set to Kill
-Avenged Sevenfold
-Bullet for my Valentine
-Falling in Reverse
-Smoke bomb Mondays
-Hey Monday
-Panic! At the Disco
-Attack! Attack!
-Framing Hanley
-Our Last Night
-A Skylit Drive
-Get Scared
-Bless the Fall
-We The Kings
-Lincoln Park
-My Chemical Romance
-Three Days Grace
and many many more

I can be shy, playful, fun-loving, adventurous, understanding, bitchy, or brutally honest all depending on how you treat me.

Kik - 123FAITH_FULL123
Skype - Ask
Oovoo - Ask
Ask.fm - confessor05
Tumblr - random-shit-and-sex.tumblr.com/
Phone - If you're in the States, ask

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I think I'm totally okay with being friend zoned. I don't want some stupid relationship that's only gonna last a couple months. I'd rather be surrounded by my guy friends playing xbox and eating pizza than actually date someone

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Yea all last year people called me faithy waithy and it annoyed me like my bf went away for a month then came back and i was yelling at people for calling me it and then he said "hi faith" and i yelled at him lol


Why? do people call you faithy or fathy waithy and you hate it? thats what they do to me...People now call me fay o.o and you look more like a faith then any other name


What's wrong wit that?


Hey Faith, I'm Faith I love your name haha ^-^