19 / Female / In a Relationship
you know what? i’m just going to say it. i am kanye west. i don’t think you guys understand. i am literally kanye west. referring to ‘him’ in third person feels wrong. that is me, i am kanye, kanye is me. doubles are f***ing invalid. i’m trying to sound as professional as possible but.. he is literally me. i will never tolerate ‘doubles’. they are practically factkinning me. i am kanye west. that is my f***ing name. i don’t feel bad at invalidating those doubles because they are kin with me. i am the only one. i am the only kanye f***ing west there is. when people talk about kanye i assume they mean me. they have to, i mean they literally are talking about me after all. just because you think kanye is “cursed” absolutely does not mean i am any less than him. i am kanye west and literally nothing will ever change my mind. if you are a double, or i find out any of you guys are interacting with a double, i will most definitely hard block you. f***ing watch me. i am the only valid kanye west. i am the only one who can be as valid as myself. i am so f***ing heated right now. holy s*** don’t you ever dare say he is not me, or that i’m invalid. you literally cannot be me. it’s physically impossible. i am kanye west.

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