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byatches Stfu.Cuz.Ima.Unicorn
baxter springs kansas – US
"Life is messy, and we're all a little screwed up in our own special kind of snowflake way" - Marilyn Manson

HI! My name's Alysha my friends call me Ally tho. I love music. I AM A MUSIC ADDICT!!
some bands i like are SWS, PTV, AX7, Disturbed, MIW, BVB, 5FDP, ACDC, BMTH, Say We Can Fly, FIR, Hollywood Undead and many many more.
I also like pokemon, science, anime, skateboarding, and cuddling! love hugs!!! I am a somewhat Anti-social person. i am very shy until i feel comfortable around you then get ready for a world of crazy.
skype- can_u_see_darkness
snapchat - f***you778

oh yeah since you had the time to stalk me you should add me!! XP

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i love him <3

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Stfu.Cuz.Ima.Unicorn asked

Confession: Love your background, Rate: 8.6/10?
awe thanks i love that movie <3

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Bitch where you be??


Hey you should like message me


Thanks...your really pretty too cx


gyuhd e-e