18 / Female / Pansexual
Elm St. ☾☯ – US
I'm a socially awkward potato and I'm rlly bad at initiating conversation.

I'm pretty lame tbh.
I really like movies, horror movies are my fav but I'm obsessed with Studio Ghibli. I also love reading and writing, but mostly poetry. Oh, and I solve (and collect) Rubik's cubes for fun.

Just ask me anything you want to know.
Don't be shy, that's my job.

Hit me up. ♡

Ask me for my kik/snapchat.

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What is up my dudes? I almost forgot this existed.

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AndThenJewelSaid asked

Hey just wanted to tell you happy birthday and ghibli studios is awesome cx
Awh, thank you!!!

And I know, it's the best B^)

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You're stuck with me :p