29 / Male / Pansexual / Single
is in a relationship Jenyjoejoe
wales – UK
hello :) im wes first of all i am VERY STRAIGHT FORWARD if you do not like that sorry not sorry i am who i am accept it or leave i have somewhat of a dirty mind lol but anyways im a musician and tattoo artist im here to meet some interesting people so hit me up i am a pretty easy going person im not much on violence unless its in a video game i have to many tattoos to count lol i have my nipples, septum, tounge, and ears pierced my tunnels are at 1 5/8" i am going to 2" i enjoy horror films and anything to do with zombies i am also a beta tester for microsoft (and no i can not get you a job lol) anyways talk to me peeps :D

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Jenyjoejoe asked

Hey black Child.
hello brutal shadow