16 / Female / Pansexual / Single and Looking
Lowell, Ma – US
Hey I'm Raven! Just a teenager obsessed with bands and Tim Burton🌿🌹 I'm 14 years old, and very short /).(\

•Motionless In White
•Chelsea Grin
•Silent Planet
•Vital Remains
•Bring Me The Horizon
•Suicide Silence
•Oceans Ate Alaska

I love anime, and cosplay, I plan to be a tattoo artist in the future, and to get many body modifications, I love American Horror Story, Scary Movies and Cuddles✌🏻️💋

I am an artist, a poet, and a potato, I'm pretty lazy so I'm on my phone quite often considering no one really hangs out with me :(((
I really like patient people, and people that are nice, I hate assholes ^-^

I am Pansexual and very open to new people..

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i really enjoy being a loner, kms