28 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
not much about me... I'm awkward and hilarious (in my opinion) i love heavy music, cats, alcohol and stand up comedy. cosmetology student anddddd thats about it. feel free to message/add me i don't bite ;)

music is very important to me so if you know any of these bands or better yet enjoy them i encourage you to add me because i probably love you: for all those sleeping, famous last words, camisado, capture the crown, attila, eskimo call boy, we butter the bread with butter, thy art is murder, dance club massacre, suicide silence, make them suffer, aim for the sunrise, keep this close, the last of our kind, betraying the martyrs, the browning, casino madrid, chelsea grin, in fear and faith, issues, lakeview, upon a burning body, make me famous, and thats outrageous... theres many more obviously but these are my favorites<3

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blehhh i crave tattoos every single day :x