17 / Female / In a Relationship
Florida – US
"I am empress" 👑
"Spread love, not hate" ✌❤

I play trombone in marching and orchestra band. I can also play baritone/euphonium and have recently learned piano.
I enjoy cosplay and playing fallout new vagas and fable 2 in my pass time 👍
I don't spread hate nor do i like talking bad about others. To me hate just drags and slows me down.
Im very simple and rather friendly. Im not someone that will just agree or go along with something if i dont like it however. I will say something if im not happy or im uncomfortable with something.
Im a rather chill person though. 😁👑
Just livin to survive.

I am currently with someone and hes all that im with 👌 plus i dont do internet things or relationships.

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Got to see my roommate from camp perform with her marching band, saw suicide squad(with the boo), and shopped at walmart. I must say this has been a wonderful day.