23 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Dagsboro – US
vocalist, artist, avid zombie lover, gamer, fish hobbyist, babysitter, improper grammer is my pet peeve. im deathly afraid of getting joining the navy soon to escape family bulls***. I don't believe in bulls*** so don't talk it. im a pinup model and pose with classic cars. I used to surf but gave it up for music. I own a diamondback terrapin and a five lined skink.i live at the beach. im brutally honest. no lies here. I love music more than food. im in love with Norfolk, Virginia.
I love animals, and drawing tattoo designs. I listen to almost everything, if its crap, ill tell you. im a strong supporter for the band our great quell. I love singing.if you read my entries, theyre like a book. im here if you need clarity. by the way, my photos? that's really me. and my eyelashes? those are real. I don't even know how to put those fake ones on. my luck, id glue my eyes shut. be the one to guide me, but never hold me down.

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from what ive heard, with skin youll win.

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