17 / Male / Demisexual / Recently Single
neverland – US
hi, I'm monster it's nice to meet you all um I'm shy I try to do many hobbies if there, not challenging then I don't do them anymore, and I am an emo. I like animals, drawing, fluffy things, and singing. I dislike rude people, liars, and most humans... um if you have any questions feel free to ask bye.

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f*** you Idgaf i get that you were jeloous i got asked to go to the movies from a member on my swimteam with his little sister but you didn't haft to be an asshat about it and make a big deal and yell at me for it asshole

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Idgaf asked

I like you a lot more than just friends will you go out with me?
well i've never been to keen on dateing people but seem a lot difrent than other humans and a lot nicer to me um shure i don't mind giveing it a shot if you don't mind

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i love you XOXO


Hi ^-^