19 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Is best frieeeends with NotABeautyQueen
Candyland – ES
Well hi there my lovelies :3 Feel free to add me and talk to me :D...i have no friends :(
lets see.. what can i say about myself? my favourite bands are Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me the Horizon, Of mice and men, Metallica, AC/DC, Slipknot, Motorhead etc. ...i like playing Zelda and World Of Warcraft, i also like sleeping, playing guitar, eating nutella, but mostly i enjoy doing... nothing :3 (im very lazy) I like skateboarding, even though im bad at it LOL, i also play for a really crappy band, lead guitar and backing vocals ... and yeah... thats about it O.o :3 buh bye <3 <3

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everybody!! *0* add me on facebook :3 www.facebook.com/miki.skylight.5

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Ello my lovely little haiduc :3


whats up? :)


hey there thats for the add :D