17 / Female / Bisexual / Single
shitpost partner: LoveGore
s***post queen
one rad memer
im a big dumb idiot
i came to this site for the meme (and while it used to be, its pretty f***ing awful and also i barely check up on it so don't be an asshole if i dont reply to you immediately or take a month or two or seven to do so
also if i visit ur profile its probably because of ur pfp
if it is anywhere between september and june, im probably doing hw
i like music, anime, and video games and stuff. some of my favorite musicians/bands are radwimps, gregory and the hawk, frederic, daoko, paris match, tatsuro yamas***a, mariya takeuchi, joji, asian kung-fu generation, yorushika, minami and HTT from k-on.
message me whenever and i'll reply whenever, also i often get too many messages to really care about our conversation unless i like you sorry
also i have no friends lol

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kpop bad grrr

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mom im making a meme im gonna be internet famous mom its okay mom dont be mad mom!!!!

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I wouldn't be able to control all them legs


Nut in my spider p****


cheese plz?