22 / Female / Straight / In a Relationship
Sydney – AU
Maybe i'm crazy

A little about mee:

~I'm 18
~I'm from Sydney, Australia
~I'm about 5"7 (i think .-.)
~I love reading cheesy poems and books
~I am a gaming, smoking, baking cookies and cakes, watching TV shows, cuddling, watching movies and eating pizza all in one kind of potato (you're welcome)
~Respect me and i'll respect you
~ I act and talk inappropriate so kids beware .-.
~I play ukulele, keyboard
~I have a bunny named Taco
~I love going out even if it's just to get food
~A little cray when you start to get to know me better
~I love making new friends and talking so don't be afraid to hit me up with a message, yeah ? ^-^



Snapchat: mayxxmichelle
Instagram: __nirvanana

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why do i even have this account anymore .-. just follow me on Gifyo: imreallyaunicorn kkkkkk xoxo <3