14 / Non-binary / Pansexual / Forever Alone
>Things to know about me<
~Has trust issues
~Falls for people easily though :/
~Gamer girl (Gonna start trying to be on with it more)
~Too high of standards for relationships, oops
~Roleplayer, oop
~Uhm, self confidence issues
~NOT AT ALL innocent!
~Love music
~I like to write, although it can be hard at times
~When you get to know me and I think I can trust you, you will learn something that still haunts me today.
~Love MCR, BVB (gotta love Andy)
~Majorly depressed
~I will help anyone if you need help!
~Might need my own help sometimes
~Ready to fight for my friends
~VERY moody
~Very antisocial in real life
~Reads a lot
~Reads romance mostly, so I have high standards-ish

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November 12, its snowing, d***

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Anonymous asked

I got some you can decide if you spit or swallow
nah i think ive got this guy on my mind already :D