15 / Non-binary / Pansexual / Forever Alone
>Things to know about me<
~Has trust issues
~Falls for people easily though :/
~Gamer girl (Gonna start trying to be on with it more)
~Too high of standards for relationships, oops
~Roleplayer, oop
~Uhm, self confidence issues
~NOT AT ALL innocent!
~Love music
~I like to write, although it can be hard at times
~When you get to know me and I think I can trust you, you will learn something that still haunts me today.
~Love MCR, BVB (gotta love Andy)
~Majorly depressed
~I will help anyone if you need help!
~Might need my own help sometimes
~Ready to fight for my friends
~VERY moody
~Very antisocial in real life
~Reads a lot
~Reads romance mostly, so I have high standards-ish

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guy i like kissed me on the forehead <3 it was cute. he also freaked me out when like all of a sudden he went super fast and tried to kiss me on the cheek and i flipped XD like slow yo roll lol dont have to be like the flash. lol. he is cute like that though. after he kisses my forehead in the hall he literally bolted XD

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Anonymous asked

I got some you can decide if you spit or swallow
nah i think ive got this guy on my mind already :D