15 / Female / Pansexual / Single
wonderland BITCH – UK
Hell-o I'm pancakes. I like music and cuddles!! I'm not happy all he time but when I am it really frecken intense, I mean really intense. Humans F***IN SUCK!!! So far I spent my life doing weird stuff like poking my eyeballs or sleeping or skypeing my (4) friends (who actually listen and don't want something from me). The bands i like are: BOTDF and BVB, just stuffs like thats and ummm....IF YOU'RE NOT SCARED THEN PUT THIS ON YOUR PROFILE AND SEE WHAT PEOPLE RATE YOU! (1) Crazy. (2) I'd marry you (3) I want to date you. (4) Sarcastic. (5) I miss you. (6) I'd kiss you. (7) Beautiful/Handsome. (8) Smart. (9) Imaginative. (10) Random. (11) Smart mouth (12) Funny. (13) Sexy. (14) Amazing. (15) Tough. (16) Cute. (17) I'd hit you with a bus. (18) I love you (19) weirdo (20) friends forever (21) I'd sleep with you...(22) friends (23) Lazy
well thats all about me rate me and i will reply to you!
peace out puggle snout!!

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LOL. shoot me ;)

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