16 / Female / Pansexual / Forever Alone
Inwood, WV – US
*hides face* haii...So im really shy like literally lol im 15 im bi leaning towards pan lol im funny i can be stupid bcuz of certain things that r wrong with me i dont judge i try to be nice as possible i luv bands video games and anime i do rp but nothing sexual...im a hugger *hugs chu* and i love to cuddle especially when i feel lonely and for some odd reason i would poke u alot only if im comfortable cuz at first im shy and probably hide my face lol im also obsessed over fan fiction and with kohnnie and if u date me or if i like u ima be clingy so either embrace it or leave me...im also childish lol i can also be annoying sometimes but some people say im not so idk but yea

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y did u do it...people loved u...u were family to us...but u obviously didnt see that did u??...and now ur gone and no way back...u will always be in my heart tho steve...

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