22 / Female / Straight / Single
My anime wife Destinythelostgirl
I'm a little different from what people expect. I feel alone sometimes even though I can make lots of friends. I love to make people smile! And I'm shy at times with new people. But I'm always told that I'm a great person and fun to be with. I love anime, singing and drawing. I dance a little bit. I use to cheer but I haven't in a little while. But I can still do a 1 handed cart weal. And I hope I can get along with everyone.

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love to live, smile at something vile, and buy it to start a riot. I wrote this on my best friend's mirror in dry erase marker and it made her smile. Goal for the day. DONE!!!! XD

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Maddie.D.Bomb asked

fav anime? :3
Bleach, spider riders, hitman reborn, sailor moon, and jonjun romantica.

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