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bff Tori.the.whorie
in my home – US
hi its me and you want to know about me.... my fav band is paramore I also like the bands bvb botdf sws my chemical romance asking Alexandria lots more too I love youtube I want to have a lot of friends so add me as a friend i'll add you too my fav color is neon orange I love gir I like to say shut the hell up I am a girl who looks a lot older than I am my fav store is hottopic like all yawls more I have 2 dogs 2 bros no sis really crappy dad nice mom (she spoils me) annoying lil bro luv music live in NY not in NY live in not telling u luv orange crush really weird fam d*** im NOT a fake luv 2 dye my hair I female luv watching Shane Dawson on youtube => yay (that's a arrow) im a anxious little gurl true chizz if you wanna know more just message me

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hey all of my friends. half of u i dont even remember. ok i have somthing to say. all of u nasty f***ing people out ther that call us all posers, whores, fake. u wanna know the truth. cause i telling u the truth. all u people who call us fake and poser ur the poser the fake just trying to make evryone feel bad. so just leave everyone alone.

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Tori.the.whorie asked

why are you sooooooo pretty
idk that's what a lot of people say

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Thank you


Have a wonderful new year! ♥