27 / Male / Straight / Single and Looking
Maryland – US
The names John, I like video games, anime, TV, and music.

Currently Playing: FFXIV with other titles from my backlog in between.

Currently Watching: Mob Psycho 100 for anime and all my DC TV shows now that they are back on!

Listening to a lot of video game and anime music with favorites here and there. XD

I am very much into DC comics and the shows/movies. Nerd here, ya wanna fight about it!?

I'm in school I'm majoring in IT. If all goes well I should be done in the next year. I love Italian food, BBQ and soda. Actually let's be honest I love food. XD I'm a recreational smoker, if that bothers you it's not my problem, so please take it else where.There's a lot more to me than this, but what's the fun in telling you everything up front. So hit me up if you'd like to know more. :)

Also I do have kik just ask for it. Otherwise I'm fairly quick at replying to people. If I take forever odds are I'm just really busy with school and life things. So please be patient.

{Updated: 10/11/16}

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