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(Please read this its not very long I promise! Who knows, we might have something in common:) Anyway, hey guys. My name is Destiny but I go by Dessy c; umm not sure what to write sooo here's some facts about me:
1. I'm half greek.
2. I skateboard. Yes. Really. :D
3. I hate candy. Love gum
4. Ptv, Bmth, AA, Korn, Nirvana, Nickelback, ATL, Ed Sheeran, Fir, SS =favorite bands.
6. I'm 5'1. Yes I'm aware I'm short lol.
7. Size 2 stretched ears, pierced bellybutton, snakebites

I dont have kik. So dont ask. I dont have snapchat. So dont ask. I dont have facebook. So dont ask. I have skype. So if you're an interesting person, you can have mah skype

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i miss him