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Hey there! My name's Leo (I will not tell you my last name so fast Missy) I'm from Texas (it sucks) and I really want to talk to someone because summers get real lonely in the dessert CX Inbox me, friend me heart me, hell, insult me and I'll be so glad because people talked to me (not as desperate as he sounds)

I am in fact a boy I may look very feminine but trust me people I have a penis so calm yo tits

Music: Anything and Everything!

People: Everyone with a good personality <3

I love space, sharks marine biology, swimming, roller coasters, paleontology, poetry and most people ♥

Kik: XXleounicornXX

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My kink is dinosaur socks and alien masks

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12redroses asked

Wat's yo fav roller coaster? XD
Expedition Everest in Disney World <3 It's not that extreme but it's just so frikin cool