22 / Male / Single
Hi I'm jesse I'm a fire fighter and I'm thinking about building a tiv 2 it's a vehicle that can drive in to a tornado it's just thinking right now and i don't know why girls don't talk to me I'm a great guy I'm not a prick or some kind of stuck up jerk I'm a gentleman to lady's I don't used them im not that guy who would used them or do one night stands like most guys i don't ask for nudes or phone sex I'm not in to that kind of crap that most guys are in to I want a good lady that's faithful and sweet I'm sweet and down to earth very loving perfect gentleman and I'm a great guy I'm very faithful I don't treat lady's bad I respect them I'm single I'm also a big time country boy with a good shoulder on my head yes I'm a volunteer fire fighter I have to stay on call 24/7 I love what I do I am a smoke breather or some call us smoke eaters I am a Christian

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Just a FYI s***s gonna start to hit the fan World War 3 WARNING as nations on brink of NUCLEAR APOCALYPSE 'doomsday clock is ticking'
THE WORLD could be on the brink of “nuclear apocalypse” as the “doomsday clock is closer to midnight than it has ever been,” a prominent US activist and author has warned.