19 / Non-binary / Pansexual
Neverland – US
I'm just me, a sad kid who likes music (Emo, Punk, pop-punk, etc.).
I'm an antisocial awkward weirdo.
I love to write (in general) And play music. I hope to start a band someday. Just a solo musician trying to be someone currently.
I love films, would love to create a full one someday (maybe make it to the Sundance festival).
I just really want to travel; I mean who doesn't?! I really want to visit Australia.
I'm a fantasy nerd.
Btw Slytherin.
Um... I don't know what else to say, but feel free to ask and try to get to know me. We could potentially have a chance to be friends.
I like talking to people. I actually prefer verbally.
Also, I've learned sarcasm will be the death of me.
So yee. Sorry. Ugh.

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F*** I also need some actual wifi I hooked up to some free s*** but it barely even works. Rip me

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