25 / Female / Pansexual / Single and Looking
Sioux City – US
My name is Michelle. I'm 19. I'm a hopeless romantic and also kind of socially awkward. Don't have many friends, but I can be really fun. I like reading, going to concerts, going on walks, and being goofy.I'm pretty down to earth. I listen to rock/metal music mostly. I dislike most rap. I work full time. I take relationships seriously. I'm an honest and caring individual, who will devote my time to you. I have 3 tattoos so far, hoping to get a chest piece and sleeve done soon. I'm working hard for what i have and want. I'm RESPECTABLE, not some one you can hang out with once and forget about. Have respect for me, if you're going to talk to me. I love animals. I'm extremely nice and too forgiving. Send me a message :)

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