18 / Female / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
cleburne TX – US
Hewo❤!!!! I'm a little that identifies as both male and female and I am looking for a mommy or daddy I would like someone who can love and care for me, someone that can put up with my clingy butt, sweet, funny, I would prefer for you to live close but if you don't that's fine i would like to meet up at some point in time to my little age ranges from 1-4 💮 now as I said I am clingy but sometimes I get busy and I can't always answer that being said when I can be aware that I fall into little space very easy but some things about me.. I'm 17 (I know under age) but I will be 18 in June I'm annoying sometimes I love being babied I'm only 5'1 I have brown hair and eyes i have bad anxiety and depression and more disorders if you would like to message me understand that I also don't like NUDES and WILL NOT do them unless we have been together for a while I prefer actions over text (rp)
Kik: charisma_Martinez1
I will give other socials later if needed

in love with the band wdw

also have a lot of mental issues be aware and i am sorry about it

.mpd (d.i.d)

*realizes im insane* wow

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i really want some food like i am so godd*** hungry