22 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
In Yo /Vigga's Bed. – UK
Name: Tori. Call Me "T" Tho.

Age: 16.

Orientation: Bisexual.

Status: Single And Looking.

Bands: One Direction, All Time Low, Bring Me The Horizon, Little Mix, 5 Seconds Of Summer.

Religious Views: Atheist.

Profile Picture: Not Me. It's A Friend Who Made This For Me.
Hey! I'm Kinda Shy. I'm A Mum. I'm From The United Kingdom. I've Lived In Westmeath, Ireland. I'm Currently Living In London, UK.
I Suffer From- Insomnia, Depression, Bullying, 14 Failed Suicide Attempts, And Life.
I Won't Stand Up For My Self When I Get Bullied, But For Some Reason.. I Stand Up For Others.

I'm The Kind Of Person You, Your Friends.. Really Almost Anyone Can Come To Me. I'll Listen. I Won't Judge, And I'll Do My Best To Give You Advice.

I Smoke Weed, I Have Piercings, I Have Tattoos.

No, I Do Not Go To School. I Was Kicked Out Of 3 School. I Got In At Least 9 Fights. In Each School. xD