21 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
Minneapolis, MN – US
f you're the type who just looks at pictures to decide who you will talk to, that's great; I can be just as one-dimensional as you. If you actually read profiles that's cool, too; I love conversation.

I can be a conceited, arrogant prick if i don't like you. I can also be the most sincere, thoughtful, and caring person you meet all depends on how you treat me. I believe life is all about taking chances and meeting new people, experiencing new things, and having your perceptions altered. People think they have a "type." People think I have a "type." I prefer not to categorize people though. well any ways i'm Keyona, blond hair, bright blue/green eyes. i skateboard, write music and draw. Maybe take a chance and msg :)

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Twilight marathon <3

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grunge.cxrpse asked

Why Are you so beautiful and whyy in my eyes do you symbolize perfection?
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 that is te sweetest thing anyone has said to me ever <3 <3

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