19 / Female / Bisexual / Single
North Yorkshire – UK
Hai ^.^
I'm a musician & an anime guru :3
I love skateboarding & playing guitar c:
I mainly sing, & plan on youtubing, after this years Christmas I will have the proper equipment to make videos, as for now, feel free to listen to my recording c:
I'd appreciate your support on my youtubing journey c:
Feel free to comment your thoughts and subscribe if you like c:
Thank you c:

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Hai guys, Haven't been online for a while :c Ive done a recent cover recording of All Time Lows Therapy, im going to be uploading more videos to youtube to make people laugh, entertain people and amuse them :) aswell as covers of songs, feel free to comment ideas on what i ould talk about in vids :) I'd realy appreciate that, please support me on my youtubing journey, Thank you ^.^ <3