19 / Female / Straight / In Like
San A. – US
I'm Jazmyne, I like playing guitar, drawing, and anything fun, i honestly don't know why i have an account on here again, but it's nice to talk to new people. I guess i'm a "sweet" person, but I do have a limit aha, not much of a flirter, so if you try to flirt with me and i reply something non flirty, i'm sorry xD, but i'm probably blushing anyway. (: I know this is a little long, but hey, I dont care xD, add me, message me? I message back 90% of the time.. ^-^

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3 years guy sober. ugh, i'm terrible at asking guys out, but im amazing at keeping them away from me. fml fml.

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EBlaze asked

why are your eyes so pretty? :)
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they're gray contacts xD but thanks. c:

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Thanks c': Message me ?