23 / Female / Straight / Single
is my sister c: Daddy.issuess 
somerset – UK
my name is jasmine
my sister is scenekids.com/calliemprice2 and shes perfect <3
Don't even lie, no matter your age gender or sexual orientation you like boobs
i like licking, biting and scratching people
i have 2 piercings (ears and tongue)
i want a a sleeve tattoo and a tattoo on my wrist

I have Kik, snapchat, whatsapp, ask, viber, skype and Facebook ... ask for my addy on any of them.

I enjoy singing and dancing but I know im not very good at it so only do it behind closed doors :3 I like tall people. I have a thing for boys with long flicky hair and I have a thing for dimples and boys in skinny jeans :3 tattoo's and piercings are a definite yes for me :3

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someone snap me bored as f*** ~ jasmineprice3

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hello ^_^