19 / Male / Techsexual / Broken Hearted
SmokeTrout – JP
Hello st0ker rawr XD,
I am male, 18 and luv 2 hav fun at hottopic. I am druggy and do the drug called cocaine. I have attempted suicide 3 times. I lived in a mental institution for a majority of my senior year. And because of that I am now behind in everything I ever wanted to do. Ever sense I left, i've been wanting to go to school and finish it so I can get back to my future. Turns out i'd have to retake high school. I wanted to attend a college and had a good chance of getting a scholarship because I was a first chair Trombone player. Later after that I started thinking about murder and other things that I could do to fill the void in my heart. I'm living alone and need someone to talk too. PM ME! <3 ^-^