20 / Female / Bisexual / Single
in yo face – US
Kik me: nottheaverageasian Haii guisee. First of all I like Cupcakes. *—* I am really nicee. Message me furstt. I like long convos. ^-^ I'm kinda new so give mee a break. RAINBOW KITTENZ.I love Asking Alexandria.Falling In Reverse. Botdf. Jeffrree Starr only sometimes when I'm bored lolz. Dot Dot Curve. Bvb. Amity Affliction. Sleeping with Sirens. Escape the fate. Now I'm too lazy. Haha well thennn. I love you guise and Baii! I am bisexual:3 I look like a boy yea I know :3 haha welllllll now byee

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I don't think I have any friends

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Thanks for accepting doee.(: