22 / Female / Pansexual / Engaged
nevada – US
hey I'm caysie but i like going by kitty! Dont just stalk me silly I can see it! add me and message me <3I'm a cool person once you get to know me but I'm Alittle shy to begin with don't add me to never talk to me.i like all sorts of music. i'm a person so treat me like i am, ill treat you the same way you treat me, for some of you that will be nice but others should be afraid. I have a fiancé and love her verry much so don't flirt with me, if I seem like im flirting with you im not I just like being nice and its sometimes mistaken for flirtatiousness. Some of my favorite bands are icp my chemicle romance botdf bvb the zac brown band and a lot more I sometimes smoke ciggs. i am gender fluid witch means im both genders so sometimes im female and sometimes im male there are also days that i am gender neutral flirt with me after I've asked you to stop and I will stop talking to you and delete you end of story no if ands or buts ask anything ill be honest but that doesn't mean ill ansower anything. Bye thank you for reading this :) add me if you'll actualy talk to me

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people dont undearstand that if i was actualy planing to kill myself i wouldnt post about it online and you wouldnt know if i say something about it ots just a thought that was on my mind. inless your my gf who id maybe tell bc she aeast deserves to know i plan to do it, your just getting a text good bye. yes im suicidal yes im deepressed i have self jarmed and think about it alot i am mentaly screwed up. no i dont think its cute, but its also who i am so i dont care who knows

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RebleCountryboy asked

Who has been the most important person in your life?
Probobly my boyfriend because iv been really low and iv gained weight and hes with me even thro all of it, he's saved my life when music has failed to

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