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╚═╩╩╩╩═what to say about me really./.\ we'll music is my life I wouldnt b here without it<3 I have lots of problems. Previous self harmer. I'm in love with my amazing, sweet, kewt bf so don't try to even flirt with me. Okay.? Thanks(: My favorite movie is the nightmare before Christmas. My 2 favorite move genres are horror and fantasy. My favorite tv show is adventure time<3 And oh yeah if ur a fake then don't even talk to me. I also love hugs and cuddling<3

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Warped tour was amazing<3 falling in reverse put on an awesome show. I got to see my husband Ronnie radke <3 shh he doesn't know :3

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Lucifer.Christ asked

if you could fly where would you fly to
New York. I've always wanted to go there.

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Message me sometime . Don't be a stranger . ^-^ ✌️


Thanks for the add . ^-^ ✌️


Supppp, Thanks for the friendship, how are you? You should add me on Facebook and follow me on twitter and instagram if you have them... Always good too meet new people! Xx


Thanks for adding.c:


I care about everyone :c i wouldnt mind just sitting around talking about stuff, i just want to make people feel better (=


You know you can always talk to me if your sad, im here for anyone thats in need (= ♥