21 / Female / Bisexual
LaMe sinCE birTh
☪ satan's daughter ☪
☯cold pizza with ketchup☯
secretly in love
im a princess, ✿

im single and im looking for a pal who will talk to me even though im awful at talking. sorry.

i like rock and roll. metallicness. i love punks. i love bad boys. If you are in a band omfg i will love you forever. I like nirvana. boys who wear all black attract me idk why.

I like tea. Romance novels. comic books. sunsets. and nerds. i hate waking up to the sun. i hate going out. i like to online shop, for secret reasons. i have a secret love for nerds.

if you read all that mumbo jumbo im surprised. haha. well love you and have a rad day.

-a xx

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hope you guys have a good christmas. unlike mine

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Idisrupt asked

That's interesting... What kind of movies do you like?
scary or old chessy movies. CRIME MOVIES

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