18 / Female / In Love
Hello, this is me<---- yup in that picture <3
i mostly want to talk to girls :)
but don't mind talking to guys..but I am happily in a relationship nobody is going to change that so, in other words do not try!
I really need friends sadly i hate everyone here lol
im super nice and love to help
message me friend me I will try and talk back!
Hope to hear from you soon
bye loves<3

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please remember that i do not want people who are going to flirt or make sexual comments due to i have a boyfriend that intend to have babies and marry sorry babygirl lmao ur 17 and wanna have a baby.. oh god. your moral compass is f***ed. lemme know how that works out for u. haha. youre a f***ing idiot if you think thats what you want. lolol. i feel sorry for your dumbass