18 / Male / Pansexual / In Love
Satan's Crotch Shots c; – US
Hi, I'm Destery.
I'm reallyreally lame, and a mega queer who barely socialises with the outside world.
I sing and play uke in Shouting for Joplin.

Of Mice & Men is my life.
Cats are lovely. :3
My face is disgusting, S I G H ~

I feel so socially awkward whenever I do /anything/, so that's probably going to lead me to never talk to anyone cause I'm a total f***ing faggot.

Jonathon > you.

l0l0l 0k bye.

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sobs oh my god this account still exists I can't even ~ #throwbacktowheniactuallyhadfriendslol

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Thanks for the accept :)