20 / Male / Straight / Single
Tucson, arizona – US
19, if you wanna get to know me ask question :)

Rip Lil Peep
I know that you want me, you know that I want you
The memories haunt me, I know that they haunt you too
But it's alright, you'll be fine
Baby, it's alright, you'll be fine
As long as you're mine, take a look at the time
It gets cold at night, when you're alone outside
But it's fine, I'll be fine
Pay me no mind, girl, pay me no mind
Just look at the brightside (just look at the brightside)
Just look at the club lights (rolling under the club lights)
I gotta look at the brightside (look at the brightside)
I guess she wasn't the one, right
This isn't what love's like
That's for sure

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Delirious asked

youre adorable :3 9/10
Thx u to